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Doug Cohen

Doug has always been a creative from the time he was a kid, whether doing entire "radio shows" in his basement with a cassette recorder, writing silly poems, playing cello in the orchestra through his sophomore year in high school or singing in now his 3rd rock cover band around Metro Detroit.  He has lived a pretty varied life which took him to the University of Michigan to play outside linebacker for Bo Schembechler (where he wore #10 before Tom Brady did - true story - we haven't been able to verify if that's WHY Tom Brady wore #10), various sales jobs in corporate America which he didn't like at all (one of which forced him to live in OHIO for two years) and a couple of failed entrepreneurial attempts.  After being an automotive casualty while working for T-Mobile and most of his accounts going bankrupt in 2008, his wife Ally rescued him by telling him that he would be joining her full time in the photography business after T-Mobile fired him (they fired his boss first).

A dear friend and successful consultant Jules Rappaport (may he rest in peace) handed Doug a book at the time by Andy Sernovitz called Word Of Mouth Marketing.  A few lightbulbs came on and the course was set for how to grow the business with the advent of this relatively new thing they were calling "social media" with new websites called "Facebook" and "Twitter".  Ten years later Frameable Faces is one of the most popular studios in the Detroit Suburbs and Doug has expanded his strategies to use social media to build communities and drive traffic to owned online assets for multiple brands and entrepreneurs.

As livestreamers in particular Doug (often with Ally) has been invited to speak on panels at Summit Live in San Francisco, Podcast Movement in Chicago, and Tech Talk for educators in Farmington Hills, MI.  Doug has also been interviewed for various online publications and podcasts as an influencer in the space.  

Are you called "M10" just because Doug wore #10 at Michigan?

That's a great question.  Ally actually came up with the name "M10" because yes, it was Doug's number at Michigan BUT it has a DUAL significance!  Doug runs M10 Social out of the Frameable Faces Photography studio at the corner of Maple and Orchard Lake Roads in West Bloomfield, Michigan which is one mile North of where Northwestern Highway ends at Orchard Lake Road.  Northwestern Highway is ALSO known as "M10" and it becomes the Lodge Freeway in Southfield where it stretches all the way to the Detroit River right downtown in Detroit.  M10 is what connects the studio to our amazing city of Detroit which is in the middle of a huge rebirth.  Building brands, building community, growing business, growing Metro Detroit business, having fun - it's all connected and Doug loves being a part of it!

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Join Doug and Ally on Periscope on their Frameable Faces Photography account for their fun and sometimes zany “Doug and Ally Morning Show” Tuesday through Friday and sometimes Saturday sometime between 8:30 and 11 AM EST! http://pscp.com/frameablefaces/



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