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Don't Litter On Facebook If You Want Organic Reach!

If you have been marketing your business on Facebook for some time you may have noticed your organic reach (as opposed to reach you’ve paid for) diminishing over the past several years. It’s true - you don’t get as much organic reach as you used to where your content just appears in everyone’s feed because you posted it for free. It has gotten to the point where you see some marketers screaming all the time about how organic reach is DEAD on Facebook. Some of it may be because they don’t really know how to actually build a strong community or how to post good content, and some of it is designed to scare you into thinking you need to pay for reach if you want any at all. I’ve been writing about this for years… here’s one I wrote 6 years ago almost to the day for photography studios which is almost perfectly still on point - practically sounds like I could have written it yesterday.


Don’t Litter On Facebook…

So yesterday I watched a video by my social media friend Katie Lance with a couple quick tips on Facebook marketing. Katie is knowledgable and delightful and she was spot on here. Her first tip was that organic reach is NOT dead. Yes you may have to spend a little bit of money here and there to get your content out to more people, but organic reach isn’t dead trust me. Here’s the thing you must understand. Facebook is a business. It’s a public business with investors who expect a return on their money. Facebook must make money. They’ve figured out all kinds of ways to make money through advertising, a marketplace to buy and sell stuff - tons of ways. But it all boils down to these ways of making money all relying on ONE THING - people using and hanging out on Facebook. In order to make sure people continue to hang out on Facebook, Facebook has a vested interest in good stuff being seen by the most people on Facebook. People try to avoid commercials where they can right? People DVR their TV shows often or even watch them on demand where they can minimize the interruptions of annoying commercials. On Facebook it’s the same way - people don’t want to hang out there just to be annoyed. As a brand your two options on social media are generally to either try to sell at people or provide some value. To me if all you’re doing is selling at people that’s garbage - who wants that? Teach someone something, make them smile, solve a problem for them - that’s gold.

So ask yourself - why would Facebook flood the newsfeed of its users with garbage as a free gift to the litterers? That would be suicide for the platform! Don’t litter. Your garbage won’t get organic reach. Sprinkle the gold around and it will.

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