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It's Been Quiet on Social Media...and the Last Time I Said That Our World Was About To Change...

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Heyyyyy all! Doug here.

We have had a pretty busy high school senior season here at my “day job” of Frameable Faces Photography. I’ve still been creating content every day, but I’ve been doing it for my clients and for our studio - not so much here for my digital marketing brand M10 Social.

The interesting thing is I’m not sure I’ve had anything revelatory to say - and of course when I post it’s darn revelatory. Now, you could easily say I don’t have anything to say on behalf of M10 because like my friend Sarah Moore at Eleven Lights Media likes to say, I haven’t been saying anything - haven’t been exercising the M10 Social Content muscles in my brain if you will. She’s spot on about that being a theory for content creation - if you don’t use it you’ll lose it lol, but I’m not 100% sure it’s my problem here since I have indeed been creating content every. single. day.

I suspect there’s another reason. It reminds me of another post I wrote back in January of 2015 on the Frameable Faces blog when I asked the question “Why Is Social Media So Quiet"? Little did I know a couple months later our world would completely be turned upside down with the explosion of social livestreaming, most notably for us with Periscope (which is also basically Twitter Live). That app took us eventually to San Francisco as speakers at the Periscope Community Summit and ultimately connected us with people, clients and friends all over the world through the Doug & Ally Morning Show which continues to this day!

Not long after that livestreaming came to Facebook, and ultimately Instagram and even LinkedIn now. Certainly a game changer. But right before that happened there was an almost eerie period of quiet after a prior flurry of social media activity.

It’s been quiet….right? Is It Me?

Am I the only one who feels like we’re in another plateau or holding pattern here? What’s the next big app? What’s the next game changer? Is there one coming? Is it Rumbl? TikTok? I don’t see those as real game changers frankly but who knows. Maybe something is about to happen that’s going to shake things up all over again, or maybe we’ll just keep building on what we have. Always pushing, always reinventing and finding new ways to connect and be social… Listen, just because I’m saying it’s been “quiet” as far as new platforms or paradigm shifts certainly doesn’t mean social media has been “boring”. As long as you are engaging with PEOPLE it should never be boring, and if you’re doing social right you already know this.

What do you think? What’s the new shiny object going to be? What’s the next big thing? Will I be writing another post about it in less than 3 months from now like I did back in 2015? Comment below - I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.


M10 Social is owned by Doug Cohen in West Bloomfield, MI and provides social media training and digital marketing services from the Frameable Faces Photography studio Doug owns with his wife Ally.  He can be reached there at tel:248-790-7317, by mobile at tel:248-346-4121 or via email at mailto:doug@frameablefaces.com.   


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