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Want Better Engagement? Take A Stand With Your Language - Here's How!

Confidence is important in business. I wrote recently on LinkedIn that the key to success at its core for a small business is to be cool and make people happy, and that being cool comes with being deliberate in your actions & confident in your services.

Confidence comes with experience and being great at your craft whatever it is, and it’s important that your language in your content conveys this.

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I recently saw an article with a title that read “ABC-thing could be among the best ABC-things in the nation”. Using these qualifiers effectively means the article is really saying NOTHING. I’ll explain:

  • “Could be” - the author is giving himself an out here. If the ABC-thing here isn’t good then the author wasn’t wrong - right? So what’s the point? He is saying it’s so but not really. I mean, anything could be right? I could be president - so?

  • “Among the best” - this really means nothing. “Among” could still be the least-best of the best and what’s the sample size? Again what’s the point? Either one of these qualifiers would have diluted the point. Combine them and you’ve telegraphed that you don’t believe a word you’re saying.

“Could be among” is a joke. No one wants to read why anything “could be among” something.

What’s the better way? How about 5 Reasons ABC-Thing IS or WILL BE THE BEST ABC-Thing - Period.

Now that will get people’s attention, and they may even want to debate it. Now we’re talking. Say it loud and believe in it! Be confident - take a stand, make a strong case and be prepared to engage in debate in a respectful and fun way and you’ll make friends, fans and eventually clients. So go back and make sure you’re using the right language. Your content will ultimately get more traffic and you’ll get better results!

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