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More Lazy Marketers Who Say Organic Reach is "Dead" on Facebook...

More Lazy Marketers Who Say Organic Reach is _Dead_ on Facebook... blog.png

“I've got a funny feeling, um, you're all sick of all these crab rappers - biting their rhymes because um they're backstabbers” - Slick Rick from “La Di Da Di”, 1985

It’s been a long standing tradition for rappers to rap about other rappers stealing their rhymes or not being legit right? Obviously hip hop feuds have turned violent and tragic throughout the years, but I’m just talking about the lyrics like the one above from Slick Rick with Doug E. Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew. I always wondered who all these “crab rappers” were? And everyone seemed to complaining about them…. Were people really stealing the rhymes?

Meanwhile you’ve seen me mention lazy marketers who take a cookie cutter approach to digital marketing and post garbage on behalf of their clients. I’ve written at length about organic reach here, here, and here, and how it’s not dead - that it’s only dead for crappy content as it should be. Facebook doesn’t hand out free organic reach and reward lazy marketers with results for posting garbage.

So who are these “lazy marketers”? Is that just something I say to try to make what I do sound better? Well, here’s my latest exchange with a couple of these people on a Facebook post from Social Media Examiner… I’ve blotted out their names. There continue to be many of these who provide me with more material… Note even Erik from SME was like “huh”? Also note “Marketer 1” getting laughter reactions while I was getting love reactions…. Facebook arguments are a dime a dozen but I wanted to include this one to further hammer home what I keep saying…


So….. yeah. They’re still out there. A LOT of them - trust me. This joker had the nerve to go so far as to say that Facebook Pages for businesses are NOT for you to interact with your tribe! He’s dead wrong and I have plenty of current examples. I spelled it out for him but he still has a “different opinion”. This guy needs to find another line of work - seriously. He’s not a social media guy - he’s an antisocial media guy. Beware.

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